STRANGE BLOOMS is an ongoing collaboration with friend and author, Darren Simpson (Scavengers, The Memory Thieves, Furthermoor) in which we explore our shared interest in folk horror, melancholy seaside towns and storytelling through a combination of words and pictures.
Below are some examples of visual development work on the project.

Cover concept - finished artwork

Cover - rough concepts
Interior illustrations - finished artwork samples
Storyboard (rough artwork): Some sections of the story are told through a series of double page spread illustrations which transition into narrative text. This is the opening sequence of the story, which sets the scene and introduces the main characters.
Storyboard (rough artwork): The story contains flashback sequences, which are told in a more conventional graphic novel format, and would have a subtly different art-style to the present-day sequences. (See below.)
Flashback sequence - finished artwork sample

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