Cover illustration for Ryan Patrick Olson's debut novel.
As a child, Ryan was diagnosed with T-Cell leukemia . As an adult, having survived this rare form of the disease, his novel details the experiences that remain with him, along with a dream-like reality he created in order to face the demons that haunted him.
For weeks Ryan has been feeling fatigued, dizzy, and confused. The doctors say it's just the flu, but he’s soon admitted to Edmonton’s Children’s Hospital for something much more serious. At night, Ryan dreams of red snow and ominous clouds taking over the luminous skies of his imaginary theme park, Awesome Waters. A masked, sinister ringmaster who's dead set on transforming the park into a creepy carnival begins to haunt Ryan at night. His only hope for survival is to uncover the mystery of the ringmaster's existence before his body withers away.

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