POD is a picture book concept that I’m developing. The story and artwork style have taken a few different directions, (and still are!) but at its heart, it's the tale of a little robot who loves gardening...
POD has been exploring space looking for signs of life, but all he finds is rocks. 
Until one day, he discovers a grain of hope from an unlikely source. His green fingers slowly transform a rocky planet into a thriving world, full of new friends.
I had the idea for POD after hearing the theory that the seeds of life could have arrived on earth from meteorites. I love the idea that life might have come from outer space. So POD is a kind of creation myth: A small space probe arrives at a desolate planet to look for signs of life and ends up creating it instead.
I want to tell a simple story but with a huge idea at it’s heart. Or perhaps tell a huge story in a simple way. So in the space of 32 pages and a few hundred words, we can span light years of space and millennia of time to create an entire planet!
Here are some early sketchbook pages.
Colour script
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